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Truist Arena
500 Nunn Drive
Highland Heights, Kentucky 41099

Main Phone Line: (859) 442-2652
Fax: (859) 442-2659


Darren Stearns - General Manager

Event Services

Regina Hensley - Director of Booking & Marketing
Daria Flynn - Director of Events Services
Kenny Troyan - Guest Services Manager


Debora Poole - Director of Finance
Eric Arbogast - Box Office Manager
Amy Pohlgeers - Accounting Coordinator/HR
Chole Viars - Accounting Clerk


Jake Free - Director of Operations
Jeremy Scaggs - Operations Manager
Ted Pritchard - Engineering Manager
Tye Raleigh - Conversion Supervisor

SAVOR Food & Beverage

Dan Anderson - Director of Food & Beverage
Clarence Steadman - Executive Chef
Dee Douglas- Warehouse Manager
Karen Dewar- Food & Beverage Coordinator

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